Roam Automotive

Roam Automotive, LLC is a sister company to Roam, Inc. Roam Auto was rebranded from “U.P. AutoTech” in early 2012 after more than 2 years of successful operations and aggressive growth. Roam Auto promotes Vehicle Outfitting focusing on the necessities- and sometimes the “just want to haves” of off-the-grid travel.

Roam Auto is a highly skilled operation, owned and operated by Military Combat Veteran and ASE Master Tech, TJ Lassila. USAF-SOC Veteran Tom Dolaskie serves as an active, contributing partner. TJ holds a full compliment of certifications; and Roam Auto technicians are required to have certifications and training initiatives in place. The technician team is guided by USAF Combat Veteran John Devries and holds a level of respect and integrity unmatched in the region.

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