Valentine’s Day Blizzard 2015 – Cabin Fever

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Well….the UP shut down last weekend.  Just about all of it.  M-28, US-2, US-41, H-58, etc. The blizzard ( I think it even had a name ) created legit, ‘stay the hell home’ white-outs.  But people still went out in it, wrecked their cars, got stranded, etc.  And we’re just over here like “Cabin Fever” is a state of mind:  [youtube_sc url=””]

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And then it was winter…

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            Every time… it sneaks in.  I flew out to Chicago on Monday for the week- literally OVER the storm and returned to a complete face-lift in scenery.  Fall was photogenic enough, but it backs into this gray and overcast monotony that none of us really care for for too long.  Well, hunters don’t mind it; and most want a little snow to get the deer moving.  But just like that, it’s here.  The last mow & mulch day was literally not even a week ago.  I was hauling mulch bags on Sunday.  And somehow, it all just works; we were snowed in, stuck, pissed at times- but there’s the sun…there’s that blue sky. If … Read more

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Why Frank lost his camper.

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There seems to be some confusion about whether or not Forward Controls came with factory camper options.   Specific to our build of Forward Frank, we’ve spent a fair bit of beer drinking & browsing the world wide web trying to determine if the camper was something we should save, and to determine if Kristian’s understanding that it was a “rare factory option” was in fact, – fact.    As it turns out, talking to the original owner’s wife answered pretty much everything for me.  I called and talked to Betty on April 16th, 2014  and learned that  her husband Gerald did in fact build the camper, and he built it well.  So well in fact that I can claim … Read more

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