What is Roam?

The Roam Logo signifies the Greatest Lake – with the horizon we all want to fetch, bending through the center. The orange “O-top” highlights the sunrises and sunsets we hope you find during a lifetime of adventure.

Who we are…

tomanaThomas J. Dolaskie IV

President & CEO

  • The idea guy behind Roam, Inc. 
  • Travels constantly for work ( www.deployedtech.com )
  • Co-Founder of Upper Peninsula Overland ( www.upoverland.org )
  • Served in the USAF (1997-2001)
  • Photography Addict
  • Responsible for Roam, Inc. vision & growth strategy
  • City Commissioner – City of Munising

Ana Dolaskie

Director of Video Production

  • A Mac, Adobe, & Final Cut wiz.
  • Columbia University Grad – Chicago
  • Edits, produces and promotes Roam’s digital media
  • A news junky – 3 years spent as a TV Anchor / Reporter
  • Moved to the USA with her family from Macedonia
  • Allowed Tom to marry her in July of 2014!

tjamyuAmy M. Lassila

Chief Operating Officer

  • Handles the Company Chaos with ease!
  • Served in the USAF
  • Busy mom – Savannah Rose + Jersey Rae ( aka the #LilRoamers )
  • Responsible for all Roam, Inc. logistics & operations

T.J. Lassila

Director of Operations & Business Development

  • Owns & Operates Roam Automotive in Wetmore, MI ( www.RoamAuto.com )
  • Assists in video & marketing production / web / company vision
  • Product Research Genius (no, really)
  • Closet Video production junkie
  • U.P. Overland involuntarily volunteered team mechanic!
  • Combat War Veteran: 2005 Iraqi Campaign

gretaGreta Berg

Director of Creative & Marketing

In the spring of 2012 Greta moved to North Carolina to further her education and pursue renewed career goals. We definitely will always consider Greta a part of the beginnings of Roam and wish her well. Her Day-to-Day involvement in Roam may have ended but she knows Tom won’t hesitate to call her for all things artistic. Good Luck, Greta, and thanks!!!

  • Graduate of Northern Michigan University
  • Recent Transplant ( sadface ) to the Deep South
  • Graphic brilliance behind Roam, Inc. logo & designs
  • Secretly becoming a Social Media guru
  • Trains her dogs to bark at Tom; repeatedly