Our Top 10 (Munising Area) Waterfalls

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Ah, spring.  Hands down the most optimistic time of year.   The couple of weeks prior to everything ‘popping green’ tend to be the best;  the last days of really looking forward to what’s ahead; a UP summer.  (and yard work, bugs, etc. -eh) Spring always draws the lens toward flowing falls, too.  The raging thaw, flowing to Superior.  It’s interesting reading the waterfall reviews, countless articles opining each falls’ worth.  Well then, here’s our opinion – in order of ‘awesome’ based upon accessibility and photo-friendliness.  (In the MUNISING AREA)You can CLICK ON THE PHOTO for larger view.    1.  Twin Memorial Falls   Why is it the most awesome? The hike in is really cool.  You walk along cliffs, looking down … Read more

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Grand Island – Munising, Michigan

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February in Munising can get pretty monotonous.  It’s simply too damn cold.  But then something inspiring usually happens toward the middle of the month (no, not Valentine’s Day)…   Somewhere in your Facebook news feed you start to see photos of a winter landscape you can hardly comprehend-            The size & expanse of the Grand Island ice curtains and caves is hard to explain.  You simply need to experience it. 

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Valentine’s Day Blizzard 2015 – Cabin Fever

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Well….the UP shut down last weekend.  Just about all of it.  M-28, US-2, US-41, H-58, etc. The blizzard ( I think it even had a name ) created legit, ‘stay the hell home’ white-outs.  But people still went out in it, wrecked their cars, got stranded, etc.  And we’re just over here like “Cabin Fever” is a state of mind: 

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